About Us

Our Mission

To improve overall education system by inspiring parents, teachers, students and school representatives to be involved in education processes by connecting, sharing and communicating wisdom, ideas and innovations through the use of technology.


About SchoolWale

SchoolWale empowers and inspires parents to get involved in their children’s development and educational success. We offer services that connect teachers, students and parents to the resources and expertise one need to build the educational life that restore the environment, contribute to society, and build a healthier education platform.

SchoolWale helps schools in reaching parents and bright students in more organized way and provides a platform to enhance education life by connecting teachers, parents and students with communities and forums. SchoolWale also provides automation services for fee payment and admission form processing to enable schools to reach to the next level. 

SchoolWale is India’s first dedicated web portal which provides comparisons of schools based on various parameters which enables parents to take decisions for their child’s future.


·         Enabling anytime, anywhere access to the most detailed and reliable information about schools and institutes.

·         Offering decision making capabilities to parents about their child’s convenience, choices, and future by providing comparison services.

·         Providing schools and business vendors a platform to showcase their facilities, services and recognitions to the targeted audience in a systematic manner.

·         Creating a trusted community of parents, teachers, students and school representatives to share knowledge across boundaries.

·         Providing value added services to all our customers thereby saving time, money and energy in education process.