Adding Your Services Or Products To SchoolWale

Adding your services or summer camp or products to SchoolWale vendor directory is a three step process. We allow service administrators, service representatives or owners to add their details to our website FREE of cost.

Step 1: Register yourself as Vendor

1. Open
2. In the right hand corner, click on "register" and select "as vendor"
3. Fill the registration form and click submit. 
4. You will receive a verification code in your email.

Step 2: Verify you account
1. Once you submit registration details, you will receive verification code in email.
2. Enter this code on the verification page.
3. If you closed the page and want to go to verification page, then login with your username and password. You will be redirected to verification page.
4. Enter verification code and verify you account. You will be logged into your account and can see your profile details.

Step 3: Add New Business
1. Click on Add New Business and fill in all the details accurately. Make sure to select the city correctly.
2. Choose your logo file and provide details in the content area.
3. Save and submit.

Now your business details would be listed as part of SchoolWale vendor directory.
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