SchoolWale Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors share following key values:
o Passion towards education
  - Self-motivated to make an impact in the education domain
  - Ready to change and adept to innovations in education field
o Trusted Advisor
  - Open, honest, transparent and respectful during interactions
  - Do the ‘right’ thing no matter what or who is watching
o Collaboration
  - Commit to working with and through others, both internally and externally, to achieve excellence
  - Work with clear purpose and pride to reach common goals
o Clarity

  - Distil complex ideas into easily understood, common sense messages
  - Connect ideas in new and different ways that make sense to all
o Inclusiveness
  - Ensure all parties have the opportunity to participate and be heard
  - Recognize and respect the interests, roles and contributions of others
o Innovation
  - Take ownership for finding new and novel ways of doing things
  - Are inspired by change and embrace new ways of thinking and working

Who can become a brand ambassador? 
We are looking for people from various walks of life to be a part of our growing network. Our brand ambassadors play a key role in making educational information accessible via getting schools registered with SchoolWale. They act as a trusted advisor to education fraternity who helps optimal usage of technology in education by giving the unbiased advise to school administrators, teachers, parents and students. They are the role models who make education a noble field of work.

Our brand ambassadors are trusted, credible personalities who promote and give greater visibility to our services, our social causes and our products. They are the true passionate educationalists who has already spent years in the education field and are ready to provide credible, valuable and impartial information, exposure and visibility to SchoolWale.


How to become a brand ambassador?

Becoming a brand ambassador is two-step process:

Step 1:
  1. Send your resume to for review.
  2. Provide following questions for better understanding of your profile:  

  a. Overall experience in education domain and full contact details
  b. Cities you would like to represent
  c. Motivation to become brand ambassador of SchoolWale
  d. Your community quotient (how many schools / people you can cover)
  e. Professional and Education History
  f. What are 2 things you would want to change in the current education system?

Step 2:
  1.Be prepared to have a short telephonic discussion with our advisors. We will notify the schedule through email in advance.
  2.Next steps will be taken based on recommendations from our advisors.
Please note that we contact only shortlisted profiles after step 1 for the discussions. If you don’t hear from us within four weeks, you are advised to re-apply after 3 months.