Learning Disabilities

Some children who has learning disabilities (LD) mostly don't have a very positive experience in primary or middle school. Teachers refer them as "lazy" and "stupid," terms any parent would have never dealt with before. Often they will be forced to "Try harder!

Assessing Your Kid's Strengths and Needs

Find a school that would meet his/her special needs in a more positive and supportive way. But before you begin your search, you need to ask yourselves a few questions:

  • How did he/she learn?
  • What learning environment was best for him/her?
  • What obstacles seemed to interfere with his/her learning?

As a family, you should discuss what you hope for in a school, including:

  • Academic excellence
  • An educational philosophy we agreed with
  • Faculty, staff, and students with good morale
  • Opportunities for parents to be involved
  • Small class size
  • Safety

As you look for answers, you should make some changes in the way you do things at home. The most important thing is to include your child in the decision-making process. You should realize that he/she needs to be actively involved in the process to learn how to be his/her own advocate in the future.

Researching Schools

Finding an appropriate school takes a lot of time and energy. Considered both public and private schools.

Important points to remember while visiting a school:

  • Meet with the school administrator
  • Observe different classes, while in session
  • Observe special education programs, where they existed
  • Get a feeling for student life
  • Talk with other parents and students at the school's Open House (if possible)