Merging two classes?? Is it good?

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On 21/02/2010 13:43:04
Mrs. Smita Sharma asked this question via Email. We are posting it here:

My Son is studying VIth in a private school with CBSE board. They are merging two sections of 30 students into one and making it a class size of 60. I am personally concerned about it. I see both plus and minus of this:

I'll point out a few plusses to class size increases:

1. The itinerants (speech therapist, adaptive PE, etc) now have a full class space to use, rather than a small closet-sized room or a corner of the library or teacher's lounge.

2. Classes are coming together and using the room as additional space with a LOT less furniture. Two classes can be team taught certain lessons in an empty classroom far better than one class at their desks with the others crammed on the floor.


1. One teacher can not concentrate on 60 students at a time and it reduces the overall quality.
2. With so many stududents in a class, it forms groups of students and there are high chances of having problems amongst the kids.

I'd much rather prefer smaller class sizes, but at the very least there's a silver lining.