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On 19/07/2010 12:31:18
School Role is a secured web based interactive application which will manage institution administration in order to track years wise of information with more user friendly. It also helps as a communication portal to continuously updating parents about their childrenâs attendance, performance, payments and also about instituteâs administrative information over the phone through messaging and web by secured login mechanism.
All of the services mentioned below can be integrated with your instituteâs own web site.

Parent can directly login to your website and they can check up-to-date attendance and progress report of their child at anytime anywhere. As well as they can get their childâs performance by comparing with class topper in each subject and then they can give their valuable feedback & suggestion to principal from there itself only.

Institute can use messaging service with their own SENDER ID, in the fallowing situations
(1) When student was absented without any intimation
(2) Exam results
(3) Due reminders
(4) Special Announcements to parents either by class wise (or) to all at a time
(5) Group messages to staff (or) friends
(6) QUICK SMS to any body

Management can get ACADEMIC and FINANCIAL reports comparatively at anytime anywhere.

Details of all students / staff are maintained. User can track any of the details like personal details, progress reports and payment details at anytime at one glance. Management can maintain attendance reports to both students and staff separately. These details will be maintained in the website for life time.

We are giving a smart way to maintain your financial records like fees payments, stock reports etc. By this service user can track the income & expenditure details with balance sheet for the particular period of time easily. It provides all pending payment details at single glance at anytime.

Institute can maintain their bus route details and the students list, those who are using their transport service within that route. User can check the student list and way with the single click by selecting the route number. User can also maintain their bus list and the travelling details for each and every day.

Institute can maintain its own inventory list in the site. Through that they can check the up-to-date stock details, their pricing and the pending payments at anytime anywhere.

Here we are maintaining all class attendances, time tables and results separately.

We are offering one more feature which is not related school administration i.e. to maintain friends list. This will be helpful to send group messages or notifications to all of your friends whether it may be official or non-official.

We are offering multi branching facility to group of institutions, so that management can get their group of institutions relative and comparative analysis easily at anytime anywhere.

We are providing hierarchy based levels of security detail for each institute. By these levels management can give the permission to their subordinates up to the required level only.

In this section user can set the conditions which are specially designed for their institute like syllabus, exam pattern, number of terms, particular term fee for payment, class limit. User can edit their personal details also.

Provides easy user interface to store, manage year wise information. This application provides all required information with less number of clicks.

We give you a high end security for every user. Our encryption schema will prevent unauthorized parties to access your accounts.
SCHOOL ROLE is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. so we guarantee the following to protect your privacy
* We will never share your information with the other user , nor your consent.
* Any sensitive information that you provide will be secured with appropriate industry standard protocols and technology.

24X7 reliable customer service will be available through online.