Is Controlled Bullying Natural?

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On 30/10/2009 19:52:17
A seventh-grade girl suffers such persistent teasing by her classmates that she leaves school — and goes on to become a teen acting and singing sensation. Sound like the only-in-Hollywood plot to a Disney Channel special?

As it turns out, that plucky heroine is very real: 17-year-old Demi Lovato of Sonny With a Chance fame (a sitcom on the — you guessed it — Disney Channel). Now Lovato’s using her special status as a former victim of bullying turned starlet to raise awareness of the issue among teenagers.

As the spokesperson for Teens Against Bullying, a new website sponsored by the PACER Center, an advocacy group for young people with disabilities, Lovato appears on the site in black fingernail polish and pink lip-gloss to share her own tale of harassment hell.