Leaders in Training Xchange(LITx) 2012 by Explorers School

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Leaders in Training Xchange(LITx) 2012

A Collaborative Students led Environmental Leadership Initiative 

10 Schools | 8 Student Leaders | 4 Days


Across 3 cities - Bangalore | Chennai | Hyderabad



LITx 2012 is a unique, interactive platform bringing together 8 dynamic students from 10 leading schools over 4 days in a wilderness setting to change the smallest thing within their schools in a big way!


The program focuses on creating opportunities for students to:

·         Experience leadership through diversity

·         Explore one’s own potential

·         Develop simple, clear, sustainable action plans  that can be implemented in the context of land care, energy & waste management


Connect – Collaborate - Change

Leaders do not wait for an opportunity, they create them!


Connect: The program will bring together 10 leading schools in each city; 8 passionate students from each school through a 4 day outdoor program. 


Collaborate: Students from different schools will work in small groups during the program in an unfamiliar outdoor setting.


Change: With support from our professional resource team, students will build a simple, sustainable action plan that will be in the area of land care, energy & waste management.


Profile of a Student Leader

  • Should be above 14 years of age
  • Is an active member of the student council, cabinet, sports, debates, dancing, theater or any other role.
  • Is passionate and actively involved within the school or community.


About the Yelagiri Campus

The Yelagiri Campus is at a distance of 220 km from Chennai, situated in the Yelagiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. Nestled amongst lush, green, teak trees and mango groves the campus boarders a reserve forest, where participants stay in tented accommodation with constructed bathing and restroom facilities separate for boys and girls.


The activities range from low, medium and high ropes course. The course is constructed in accordance with the standards outlined by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), USA.


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About Explorers School

The Explorers School is a learning, teaching and research based outdoor education organization. A social enterprise with a mission to be the leading source in life skills, outdoor, experiential and environmental education. Founded and led by the alumni of National Outdoor Leadership School (USA).


The team competencies lie within the domains of experiential education, life skills, cognitive psychology, curriculum design, environmental education, pedagogy, wilderness skills, risk management, leadership development and training.  The Explorers School is a process of community building, where the learning and teaching process emphasis is on “empowerment” and “way of thinking” by developing skills through “child-centric” experiential curriculum that is relevant and applicable in real life.