Linking your class with a class in the UK

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On 12/02/2013 14:41:25
Would you like to link your class up with a class in the UK which has children of a similar age?
Would you like them to be able to communicate using a simple and safe system of on-line postcards?

THIS IS A GENUINE OFFER. is teaching resource based in the UK that helps children learn about the world. Oddizzi's ClassPals is a system that allows classes to link up and communicate with each other, sharing their experiences and their world. We are a highly respected and award winning organisation.

We have a number of UK primary schools keen to find classes in India to link up with. We have a number of free subscriptions to Oddizzi to give away to teachers in India who want to give their class an international outlook. This is a great opportunity so please contact me if you are interested on

Once again. This is a genuine offer and we hope you join us!