Your Child and School Text Book.

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On 02/06/2012 05:21:40

Text book coming home with your child often helps in many ways:

  • It helps in comprehension and encourages independent study.
  • It helps student mastering  materials.
  • Science text book  helps you and your child to conduct science experiment at home.
  • It teaches responsibility in the area of studying and critical thinking skills.
  • It  helps student adjust easily in the middle and high school.
  • It  helps in the test preparation or pleasure reading.
  • It may be use as a source of reference.

Encourage your child to bring his or her text book home and importantly study with it. Many school district give each child a book for all core subjects. Some school district allow a check out from the school library. If you can afford it, buy from Harcourt Publication or used ones from Ebay or used book store.