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MySuperBrain is world's first website that encourages all-round development through educational articles, games, quizzes/ tests, global competitions and expert support. We provide students a chance to learn, discover their latent skills and improve them, showcase their amazing skills to global audiences, which includes teachers, parents, students and experts from various domains.
There are a lot of exciting competitions happening always. Students can show their work not just to the students from their class or their families but to a global audience. It gives them a chance to discover their skills through feedback of experts. Our work is based on some path breaking research in the field of developmental psychology. It is extremely important to encourage holistic development in school students so that they benefit immensely through out their lives. We also give students a great opportunity to get recognized for their skills. It motivates them and makes them work harder.
MSB is an IIT and IIM alumni initiative.

KnowledgeSpecs Education Consultants KnowledgeSpecs Consultants is one of the leading Education Consultancy based out of New Delhi, INDIA, offering Online and Offline Education services in the K-12 and College levels for Schools, Colleges and Coaching Institutes.

KnowledgeSpecs is offering School & College Management Systems | Study Abroad and Overseas Education support to students for Singapore | Online Tutoring and Assignment Help Solutions |CBSE CCE Solutions | Online Test Prep -- Engineering and Pre-Medical for Colleges and Coaching Institutes | Assessment Solutions - K-12 and College (Based on US State and Common Core Standards) | Student Career Development Programmes in India. KnowledgeSpecs can be contacted at