Teacher Profiles

How do I create my teacher profile?

You can register with us a teacher. When you register, you will be sent a verification code - once you verify your account, you will be able to login to your profile. In your teacher profile you can fill details like your education details, your professional achievement and your contact details etc. Once your profile is complete, you can start using entire features on SchoolWale free of cost.

Do I need to pay in order to create my teacher profile?

No. We offer absolutely free profile for all our teachers. You only need a valid account with our website.

Can I teach Online?

Yes - you can teach online with your own set of tools like whiteboard, Skype messenger etc. We are currently not providing any tools for online tutoring, but will just be listing your profile under the online tutor category.

How do I benefit from creating a teacher profile at SchoolWale?

SchoolWale provides a central platform to schools, parents, students and teachers to collaborate and connect in real time. A verified teacher profile at SchoolWale, gives credibility to your work and gives you an opportunity to shine amongst the others. It also helps in reaching out to other teachers to form close groups and communities which you can use to share ideas and messages. Parents are always looking for more interactions with verified teachers and a teacher profile can lead more avenues for discussions. Prospective employers and new job postings are done on SchoolWale on regular basis and that may be another interesting point to join SchoolWale.

Do you offer some programs for teachers or can I teach students in a group?

We are working with our elearning providers to give us group licenses for our teachers which will be available for our teachers on a very nominal cost. With these liceses teacher can teach group of students on a specific subject using the subscribed elearning contents. For ex: if you subscribe to a elearning content on English, you can teach students with those contents individually or in a group online.

How can I get more visibility?

Please take care while filling up the registration form and provide Correct and Complete information. Explain your Tutoring Experience and Tutoring Approach in details, upload your photo and send us photocopies of your academic, professional certificates, address proof etc so that we can display your profile as a Verified and Authorized at SchoolWale. You can also send us sample of your work at contact@schoolwale.net for us to make your teacher profile featured.