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Youreka Summer Programs

D-122, Saket

Delhi, Delhi 110017

Landmark: Saket


The Youreka summer program instills confidence and widens perspective of thought and behaviour amongst children.

Children experience a series of physical and mental challenges by engaging in various Activity Zones. These experiences remain as life time memories テャテつ「テδッテつソテつステδッテつソテつス The Youreka Moment and build Youreka Champs.

  • The Endurance Zone offers outdoor challenge which helps children stretch their limits. Children need to choose one activity in the Endurance Zone.

  • The Endeavor Zone offers opportunities to explore stimulating tasks. Children experience at least 4 different activities during their stay at the camp.

  • The Exploration Zone is time to reflect and absorb the numerous Youreka Moments of the day.

  • The Excitement Zone is the culmination of every day fun by sharing the joys with all others at camp. The excitement Zone is simply about having Fun and making lots of friends.

Contact us : 011- 40801100  or 1-800-103-3301

New Delhi

D-122, Saket,
New Delhi 110017


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