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Neuropath Learning Institute

7829 Center Blvd SE #193 Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Delhi, Washington 98065

Landmark: Seattle Center


The content we provide in our learning programs outlines what students should know, understand, and be able to do over the course of preschool to 3rd grade education. This includes:

Cognitive learning: the primary goal of all learning activities. Academic learning: covering the basic concepts in Literacy and Math that are aligned with learning standards. Real world application of academic knowledge, teaching the value of education. Life experience learning: including the preparation for situations that the child will face beyond academic challenges. Executive function training to develop self-regulation skills. Communication skill building: Multimodal language activities that develop hearing, speaking and listening skills. Non-verbal intellect development and assessment. Cultural learning that teaches what to think and how to think. Life skills such as the importance of self-responsibility, social responsibility etc.

  The context of the subject matter is the development of real world skills and understanding. Our context is always based on reality with real world photograph’s, video and voice. We do not present fantasy as it sets the student up for a mind set of life’s expectation that are unrealistic and do not require the initiative on the part of the child for true success in life.