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Explorers School for Outdoor Education

Explorers School for Outdoor Education, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka 560123

Landmark: Bangalore


Founded and led by the alumni of National Outdoor Leadership School (USA), Project Adventure (USA) and La Trobe University (Australia). Explorers School is an international outdoor education organization. We are a social enterprise with a mission to provide leadership in the expansion of experiential and adventure education, life skills, wilderness skills & environmental education.

Explorers School seed team bring together a cumulative experience of 80 man years from diverse background in creating meaningful learning experiences that enfolds in environments that encourage learning by doing with equal emphasis on intellectual and emotional growth. The team competencies in experiential education, psychology, adventure education, life skills, wilderness skills, expedition and service based learning, risk management and environmental sustainability.

Programs at explorers school is a process of community building, the learning and teaching process emphasize on "empowerment" and "way of thinking" through the development of "skills" that unfolds itself through a "child-centric" experiential curriculum. It utilizes nature, adventure, the arts, sports, community service and human emotions, amongst others to create learning experiences that are relevant and applicable in real life.

The program unfolds in a positive learning environment (PLE) setting that provides mental and physical stimuli to challenge mindsets. It includes a sequence of individual and group tasks, nature-based challenges that follow through with personal reflection and sharing sessions. In doing so, we aim to engage the learner, make them more introspective to bring out the best in them.

We work with children & young adults in schools/colleges across India in the field of Experiential Education & Life Skill facilitation. We utilize the powerful medium of the outdoors to engage participants in impactful experiences and facilitate learnings about themselves, their peers and community. We have both In-campus and Outbound modules, which focus on Confidence, Leadership, Team building and such essential life skills.

Some of our School Programs: -

  • The Outbound Experiential Program - Grade 4 to Grade 12.
  • The Leadership program - for the young leaders of tomorrow - Grade 8 to Grade 12.
  • Educational Tours seamlessly integrated with Life Skills Learning. A typical example is where the students will lead the travel planning, logistics and operations of the tour and enable them to have hands-on skills in planning, goal setting, team work and co-ordination
  • Environmental Education - For Grade 4 to Grade 12 and can support/tie up their academic curriculum -CAS Support Program - for IB Schools